Rich Leigh, working in PR: “Nicholas is a determined young man with a talent for writing, a clear passion for technology and a good head for building relationships. Far from allowing his Asperger’s to hold him back, Nicholas’ attention to detail and very keen interest in his chosen subject – traits I personally recognise, having a brother with the condition – leave me with no doubt he’ll succeed at whatever he tries his hand at.”

Becca Caddy, journalist: “Nicholas is a bright, talented and highly ambitious blogger and journalist with a thirst for knowledge and a true passion for the tech industry. His editorial is consistently written to a high standard and he’s immersed himself in the exciting world of gadgets, mobile and social media from a young age. As a fellow blogger and journalist I find Nicholas’ work and enthusiasm for writing a real inspiration and know he’ll go far in the future.”

Steven Owens, social media expert: “Nicholas’ enthusiasm, passion and knowledge for all things technology, gadgetry, digital media and social media is infectious.

He always delivers any task asked of him to the highest standard and his attention to detail is second to none. He writes creatively and fluidly and always crafts well thought out, unbiased, truthful blog posts and articles.”

Tony Dowling, publishing executive: ”I’ve no doubt Nicholas will go far in his intended field of endeavour. He is highly focused and committed. He is very creative.

Nicholas is a great communicator, especially in the written form. His knowledge, especially in the digital area is up to date and cutting edge.

It is easy to imagine Nicholas in a content production role within a creative industries organisation.

Nicholas is not someone I would ever bet against, he is one of life’s winners.”

Richard H Harris, technology entrepreneur: “Nick is a talented young writer with a passion for technology. He is full of ideas and not afraid of hard work to make them real. Amongst other sites he’s set up and running Gadgetxpert as a showcase for his journalistic ability and to reflect his love of tech. Looking forward to even greater accomplishments from Nick over the coming years!”

Noah Kravitz, tech/education specialist: “Nicholas really is inspirational. He works so hard, with so much enthusiasm and optimism, it’s impossible not to be impressed with him once you’ve learned even a little bit about him. And then you realize how young he still is and grow all the more impressed.

Nicholas has taken his love of gadgets and technology, paired it with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and hatched a full-time passion for tech blogging. His fearlessness is matched only by his compassion and desire for excellence, and I’ve yet to see Nicholas even consider letting any obstacles get in his way for long.

Any organization working on consumer technology – whether in a publishing capacity or not – would do quite well to take Nicholas under their charge. Paired with the right mentorship and support, Nicholas no doubt will forge successes from his fiery passion.”